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Premier League On TV

This page contains a searchable list of all the UK pubs showing Premier League football. To use it, simply select the game from the list below and search by your location, we’ll pull up a selection of our favourites near you. The chaos and drama of the Premier League may be unparalleled in its unpredictability, but there is one thing we’re confident about. The best place to catch all the action unfold is certainly not a dodgy stream, complete with buffering the length of a Rory Delap throw in and in a language not covered by your GCSE level French. Instead, what’s better than making your way over to a pub, filled to the brim not only with refreshments, but with a group of similarly footie mad fans creating an atmosphere to rival that of a stadium itself. In London for the weekend and keen to discover the leading pubs the capital has to offer? Why not check out our list of the best London pubs for football? Trust us, we’ve done a lot of research.

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